Karen Maxwell

Master Integrator and CRM Expert
Real IMPACT Plano Real Estate Investor Group, Owner
Real IMPACT Training Systems, Director of Sales and Marketing
Simple Automation Follow-up, Owner
Texas TKO Homes, Owner
Real Estate Investor
IMPACT Master Trainer and Mentor
CRM expert
Real IMPACT Franchise Sales and Marketing Director
Proficiency Expert
Master Integrator

Karen grew up in Kilgore, TX, graduating with honors in 1990. She raised a large family and was a dental assistant for 24 years.

In 2013 she was introduced to Real Estate Investing by her boyfriend. She learned by listening to him as he learned, and attending countless hours of training over the years. She attended her 1st REI meeting in January 2014, then became Lead Manager in May 2014, part-time, while working as a dental assistant. In 2016, she retired and devoted 100% of her time, focus, and energy to REI. Karen had a knack for implementing her boyfriend’s vision, along with everything she learned along the way. She “got it”.

In 2016 Karen graduated from Grayson County College with an Associates Degree in Business Management, plus a plethora of other certificates related to business management. She was able to apply what she had learned to her new love for Real Estate Investing. She was very successful at coordinating ordering materials for rentals and rehab with the contractors’ schedules.

In 2017 she became COO of the two companies. One was a Wholesaling/Marketing company, and the other was a Buy and Hold/Flipping business. She helped build a large rental portfolio and successfully ran the wholesaling company to profit successfully every year.

By 2020 she was self-managing 70 properties which consisted of 50 single-family homes and duplexes, 10 Owner Financed properties, and 10 Flips at various stages. The large portfolio had grown astronomically as they shifted focus from wholesaling to building the owner’s portfolio.

In March 2020 during the pandemic, as more and more Real Estate Investors were scaling, Karen answered the call to fill the need for Custom CRMs (databases) that worked with each investor’s needs. Simple Automation Follow-up was born and was a hit with her clients, but more was needed. Many investors reached out for consulting, and additional REI training. She then joined up with Real IMPACT Training as a Sales and Marketing Manager. Finally, Karen had a training program she believed in since she used it daily, and has since 2014. Mentoring others and providing a quality education is life-changing for both the mentor and the mentee!

In June 2022 Karen opened her own Real IMPACT Training group, Real IMPACT Plano. Real IMPACT changes people’s lives through real estate investing. They provide quality education, networking and of course help their mentees grow profitably.

In July 2022, Karen officially launched TKO Homes. So many investors, and home buyers are looking for a deal with equity, and she aims to fill that need. Through her extensive network, and her skill at finding deals, she work with you to find the right property at the right price, with the right amount of rehab that fits in the budget!

In December 2022, Karen launched Simple Subject 2 Workspace (CRM) and Real Simple CRM for REI will be launched in January 2024!