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Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic Home Study Course

Land Trusts Made Simple®

$497 – Download Only | $597 – Hardcopy

What comes with the Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic Home Study Course?

(Forms on USB with Hard Copy Only) (Audio & Video on USB with Hard Copy Only) (Both Media Types include On-Demand video through the Land Trust University) Mr. Land Trust® has broken down his Basic manual into 17 easy-to-read chapters. If not constructed properly, your Land Trust may not be upheld by the courts. The Basic Course Guide walks you through the beginning phase of constructing the Land Trust that is right for you. Mr. Land Trust’s® Land Trusts Made Simple Basic LIVE! Seminar video installments (packaged on the USB and available in the Land Trust University) include explanations of my Basic Course Guide. The videos are designed to be watched and followed as Mr. Land Trust® covers the course guide material. His Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic Forms includes 17 forms that are critical to building a solid Land Trust. For the on-the-go individual, he has included my Land Trusts Made Simple® Basic Audio recordings. You can learn valuable Land Trust information while driving on your way to the office, picking up the kids, running errands, or while doing work around the house. You can copy the files to your computer and upload them to your phone or favorite MP3 device.

Land Trust Forms Included

  • Deed To Trustee
  • Amendment to Trust
  • Appointment of Trustee
  • Beneficiary Agreement
  • Insurance Worksheet
  • Trust Tracker
  • Appointment of the New Land Trust Trustee
  • Direction to Trustee
  • Exculpatory Clause
  • Trustee’s Acknowledgement
  • Trustee’s Deed
  • Termination of Land Trust Trustee
  • Assignment and Transfer of Beneficial Interest in Land Trust
  • Collateral Assignment of Beneficial Interest
  • Facsimile Assignment of Beneficial Interest
  • Appointment of Director
  • And Many Others!